The Stabilize Ecconomy of Cape Verde

Cape Verde Government System

Government is the organ that defines, leads and executes the general internal and external policy of the country and is responsible to the National Assembly.In Cape Verde, they follow the framework of a semi-presidential, whereby the prime minister; who heads the government is nominated by the assembly and appointed by the president. Prime minister also proposes other ministers and secretaries of the state.Cape Verde continued to serve as a model for political rights and civil liberties in Africa. In January 2012, the movement for democracy (MDP) won the majority of city councils. Political parties are free to form and operate since a multiparty system was introduced in1991. There are relatively high levels of transparency and low levels of corruption in Cape Verde as compared to the other African nations. They were rank 42 out of 175 countries and territories in transparency international corruption perception index. Reform of mechanisms for ensuring transparency and ethical behaviour in public offices were on-going.Currently, Cape Verde has a stable parliamentary regime, enjoying peace and social and political stability.

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